Frequently Ordered Items (FOI) lists

  1. Create an FOI list
    - Assign a name to your list, e.g. APO, weekly...etc.
    - Select whether the list will be shared by users of your pharmacy or private.
    - Enter an SKU (any SKU e.g. 9396 to start your list).
    - Click "Save" to save your list.
  2. Add items to your list
    - Use "Product Search" to find your items
    - Click on product "Name" and click on "Add to Frequently Ordered Items" button after selecting "Existing" list
    - Change items quantities to your desired order & click "Update Quantity" button.
    - Repeat the above steps until you complete your list.
  3. Create FOI list from Outstanding order
    - Proceed with selecting your items using the Catalogue or Product Search.
    - Add items to your order
    - When all items are added, Click "New Frequently Ordered Items" button before submitting your order to create your new list.
  4. Manage your FOI lists
    - You can update items quantities, add or remove items any time, just select "Frequently Ordered Items" from the left side menu.
  5. Place orders using one of your FOI lists
    Once you build your lists ordering becomes a snap
    - Just select the list to order
    - Change items quantities if needed
    - Click "Place Order"
    - Proceed to finalize your order

Outstanding Order
There are no items in your order.